Models, singers, and celebrities top the list of women who charge the most on Instagram. Do you want to know your earnings? Keep reading.

A scientific study conducted by the measurement company D’Marie Analytics has revealed that these are the six most influential women in social networks. It is necessary to bear in mind that the list includes both brands and celebrities, so these six figures are even more powerful than it may seem at first. With their personal accounts, they have managed to beat entire corporations. It is logical, considering that they themselves are corporations.

In December of last year, D’Marie already surprised the whole world by publishing that celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and models like Gigi Hadid ( who is living there love to the fullest ) could be trading no less than between 100 and 300 thousand euros per each post on the Instagram social network. A not insignificant figure that, although it was overwhelming at the time, has lost its impact today. The reason? The 500 thousand euros that, according to D’Marie, the singer Selena Gomez could be charging for each publication, not only on Instagram but also on Twitter and Facebook.

In an article published in the Adweek magazine, the CEO of D’Marie Group (come on, the boss of D’Marie Group), Frank Spadafora (confirmed: has the name of the boss), said that these celebrities could be earning much more. It depends on the frequency of publication and the quality of the post among other factors.

Spadafora, whose surname alone already transmits power and threat, adds that the fact that Selena Gómez publishes so few campaigns on Instagram could be one of the reasons for her resounding success. Let’s see which are the five celebrities that follow it.

Selena Gomez

The most followed person on Instagram is a woman named Selena Gomez. And it was in The Wizards of Waverly Place as a child with a very round face. And now sing, it’s supposed. Well, that does not matter. He has many followers, WHAT IS IMPORTANT. On top of that, he just signed a multi-million dollar contract with Coach. Take it.

Kendall Jenner

The Kardashian clan had to be on this list. A social network in which appearance is everything should not be an obstacle to this company of hypermaquilladas brunettes of huge asses. To make matters worse, even strangers have left a pasture in Kendall.

Kylie Jenner

Not one, but up to two Kardashian have managed to put the cu … the head in this ranking. It must have bothered them what is not written to be behind the Texan singer. And also the fact that Kylie has been accused of stealing.


How the RiRi was not going to be! And above it should, that at least sings, pulls out records, shoes, gives concerts, and those things that Kardashians do not do.


The Diva, the Donna, is fifth. Do you think he cares? Surely, but it disguises it very well. Theirs is to claim the rights of those who need it most.

Taylor Swift

The Disney Princess reconverted to incorrigible rocker has had a complicated year due to her crossing accusations with Kim Kardashian. But it is sixth, it must be a joy. Especially being the best-paid singer.