With the desire for a change of look? Inspire yourself in the trends of this season that the ‘celebrities’ shine, you will not know which one to decide!

Pixie: the haircut for daring women

We know that it is not a new invention, but born in the fun (and full of absinthe) France of the 20s and had a major rebound in the 60s where models like Twiggy and actresses like Audrey Hepburn or Mia Farrow wore it with style in those years of transgression and artistic modernism.

When Vidal Sasson was already an icon for his emblematic haircut, the one known as Bob Cut (surprise!), He took credit for this style with the short hair of actress Mia Farrow. However, the actress, many years later, said that she was the one who before starting to shoot The seed of the devil cut her hair alone with this garçon style that, being sincere, did not really like her husband at that moment , Frank Sinatra.

This haircut returns with force this winter 2018 by the hand of Cara Delevingne , who surprised us all with his short and brown hair. This cut favors, above all, the oval faces, childish and with delicate and fine features but, the reality is that the fact of being able to play with the length of the fringe makes it a cut that adapts perfectly to many different types of woman.

Mohican for woman

This style known as Mohican or Mohawk takes its name from the tribes of Native American Indians and is characterized by cutting hair much shorter on the sides of the head than in the central part, thus creating a kind of ridge.

It is a short type for transgressive, daring and rebellious women. Rebels like the punk music of the 80s, a time when it became fashionable in the hottest bars of the most underground London.

At the moment it is a cut that we have seen in actresses like Tilda Swinton or Kristen Stewart . In the case of the latter is a ‘fake Mohawk’ as it is based on the use of the gel to create that effect shorter by the sides. In any case, it is a perfect cut for the winter when the clothes tend to darken our looks since with it you will not go unnoticed.

Bob, the haircut for women with the masculine name

Bob, the haircut for women with masculine name

The Bob Cut remains one of the clear trends for this winter of 2018. Also known as ¾ because it represents three quarters of what is considered a hairdo of long hair, is one that starts at the nape of the neck and has a continuous linear progression forward . It began to popularize among the nurses of the First World War for hygienic reasons but it became a fashionable women’s haircut again in the 60’s thanks to Vidal Sassoon.

His influence goes through all the decades going through short hair like that of Victoria Beckham when it was still known as Posh Spice until the popular long bob that we are seeing so much in recent seasons.

The bob cut leaves a perfect short hair for women who also do not want to spend much time glued to the dryer or the irons, so it is perfect for this winter, because by not abusing this type of hairstyle this cut will allow the hair to recover from excesses of sun and dryness of summer and autumn.

It is also perfect for curly or wavy short hair and as shown by the French actress and model Marine Vacth that sports a casual haircut and trend this winter 2018.

French mane, the hairstyle that never goes out of style

If there is a cut par excellence this season, that is the LOB (long bob) or French mane, a timeless that feels good to almost all women.

Also known as midi cut, is a classic although revised, adapting to new trends, because although before it was mainly in its smooth version right now is just as trendy with curly or wavy hair.

It is perfect for women with fine hair or with elongated faces like Bella Hadid’s .

Shaggy cut and bangs curtain: pure movement

The shag or shaggy cut is a cut with movement, many layers that provide volume and that is accompanied by a fringe, the fashionable this winter? The bangs curtain popularized by Brigitte Bardot at the end of the 60s.

This cut can be done in both short and longer hair. This is what the trendsetter , model and hostess Alexa Chung looks like .

Curly short hair, headed by Rihanna

The artist started in the world of music with straight hair like a board that gave her a boyish look. Although even today we are surprised with impossible straightening, this winter has opted for a natural curly short hair, just as she is and we love it!

It is easy to take care of although with this type of hair, it is necessary to pay special attention to hydration, since it is a hair with a greater tendency to dryness and, therefore, to breakage.

Afro, the one women want but few get

Afro, the haircut that many women want but few get.  Afro, the one women want but few get

The eight haircuts that are a trend this winter

No, do not try. If you do not have this type of curl closed to the afro style, no matter how long it takes this winter 2018, you will never get it. No matter how many curlers or permanents you do, if your curly hair is not like the actress of Game of Thrones, Nathalie Emmanuel , unfortunately, this is not your court.

However, if you are lucky enough to have this curl, a cut at the most style of the late 70’s is what you should wear this winter 2018.

Long hair with waves to the water

This hairstyle is a trend one more winter, it seems that refuses to leave the podium of styles and we understand, the manes like that of Gigi Hadid are timeless, romantic, feminine and favor the majority of women.