The actress has just broken with Joel Bosqued. A new couple that joins Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Dani Martín or Javier Pereira.

What happens to Blanca Suárez with love? The truth is that the Madrilenian actress has no luck. We just learned that his relationship with actor Joel Bosqued is over. In this way, this failure is added to that of Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Dani Martín, and Javier Pereira. Why? We will see if Blanca returns to give a new opportunity to love. We remember that phrase that he said of “my heart has been broken many times and I have broken some. But I still believe in love. ”

Blanca Suárez is the fashion girl. He achieved fame with a secondary role in “El Internado”, which eventually became the main one, and since that day has not stopped growing, to the point of becoming a girl Almodóvar and the main attraction in red carpets. However, where it is not so successful in love. And he already knows numerous couples throughout his career. How many do you know?

Blanca Suárez-Miguel Ángel Silvestre: Shared Custody

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The most talked about the relationship was when he fell in love with the famous Duke, Miguel Ángel Silvestre. They lasted three years, where we saw experiences, romantic walks, and a shared life. What’s more, to this day, they share a ticket called Pistacho, which divides its time between the actors, as if it were a child with shared custody. In our opinion, they were the perfect couple but love broke up.

Blanca Suárez-Dani Martín: Short but intense

Their relationship lasted only eight months, but they were very intense until September 2014. The relationship was confirmed when he dedicated to the actress some affectionate words from the stage at a concert in Madrid. Afterwards, they went to spend their holidays in Ibiza, and when they arrived … everything was different. Even the singer confirmed the break.

Blanca Suárez-Dani Martínez: Summer roll

With the comedian, it was just a summer roll. It was in the summer of 2015 when they were seen together in Madrid, going for drinks, with her friends. A few weeks before that, the rumors had already started, in the end, it all came to nothing. I’m sure he was the funniest guy.

Blanca Suárez-Joel Bosqued: Discreet and with distance

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Joel Bosqued has been Blanca Suárez’s last confirmed relationship. It was confirmed in January 2016. Blanca has been with Joel for a few months, although nobody knew anything, and they decided to move in together. However, the relationship has not lasted long and the funny thing is that, although it has not been confirmed, we believe that they are no longer there, because they have stopped following on Instagram. Also, now more than 600 kilometers distance them. Because while one has stayed in Madrid, the other has done the same in Barcelona.

Blanca has also had other relationships, but not very short ones. For example with actor Javier Pereira or Aitor Luna. After the separation with Bosque, the Madrilenian relies on her friends as can be seen in social networks.

What is clear is that the actress does not find love, she will have to continue looking for it. You know Blanca that to find the prince blue you have to kiss many frogs. True?