This year, the black-market sale of Black Friday falls on November 24, traditionally on Friday after the American Thanksgiving. The marketers are already getting “amazing promotions” and “big discounts”, and we advise on what to consider in this consumer madness so as not to end up with an empty wallet and a heap of unnecessary things bought at a “promotional” price.

Is “Black Friday”which falls on November 24 , and the following Monday, November 27, “Cyber ​​Monday” about online shops is a good day to make big purchases? Marketers and sales professionals want to convince us that this is the reason for this media noise, colorful banners with percentages, battles for big TVs and designer handbags in the news, and a sense of consumerism. But how is it in reality? Is 24 and 27 November profitable to go deeper into the pockets?

So what to look out for while planning your shopping for “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”? First, do not be fooled by the “magic” that day. It is often the case that we are tempted by the height of the discount we do not even consider whether a given purchase makes any sense. Would not discount a percentage of that blended smoothie would have us even if we did not drink a smoothie? Before any purchase you should ask yourself if we would buy a given product, if not a discount or a discount. If the answer to this question is “yes”, then it is worthwhile to put money on the counter.

It is also important to check that the price is indeed a discount. The normal practice of shopping is to short-term raise prices to lower them later. “Which?” In the year 2015, he analyzed the prices of 178 products that had been discounted as part of the Black Friday sale. It turned out that as much as 49 percent. Articles were cheaper at some time before or after the “Black Friday”, and real discounts this day only concerned … 8 percent. Products! Let’s not be fooled.

What’s more, purchased in consumer amusement can not usually be returned. In addition, they often have some damage or hidden defects. Sellers know perfectly well that customers who pull them off their hands will not pay attention to them, and evident conscience will only appear at home when the “fever” is already falling. And then it may be too late …

In conclusion, the “Black Friday” or “Cyber ​​Monday” can buy something at an extremely attractive price, but you have to be very careful and reasonable. Keep track of prices of our products in popular price comparisons available on the internet. These sites have a history of the price of thousands of articles, so you can easily see if Black Friday discounts are real or just a marketing tick.

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