After the first trailer of the second season of Stranger Things appeared last year , now the creators of the famous Netflix series, Matt and Ross Duffer , have announced that there will still be more ST … but not for long.

In an interview with Vulture , the brothers confirmed that in effect, there will be a third season, peeero who also  are planning to launch a fourth season and with it to put an end to the series.” 

The argument they gave, is that by the time the fourth season is launched, the children we now find adorable will be ready to go to college, that is why they will “adjust history.” However, Ross explained in the interview: ” I do not know if we can continue to justify bad things happen to us once a year. They will have to leave that town! It’s ridiculous”.

In addition to the above, there is the fact that the Duffer brothers have a couple of projects aside from Stranger Things . According to them, “they are very bad being multitasking “, or doing several jobs at a time.

“We’ve talked to people like Joe Russo (of the Russo brothers), who knows how to dominate the world while making the best movie of all time, we speak of Avengers: Infinity War. That made me feel really bad about myself , “Matt said.

Ross added:  And then the fans tell us online: ‘Why are they taking so long ?!’, but there are so many details of Stranger Things that have to be made by hand. We’re a bit of a driver. ”

“I think the main objective now is to focus on a higher genre with a focus on the characters. And no more children on bicycles ” , concluded Matt.

While Matt and Ross have already let their point out, fans may not allow the show to end. Just remember what happened recently with Sense8 , that after announcing the cancellation of the show, its creator,  Lana Wachoski, was convinced by the fans to write a third season , of which it is not yet known if it will see the light, At least on Netflix.

The second season of Stranger Things will premiere next October 27. Then we leave the trailer that was released during the Comic-Con.

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