We have a number of local Divers who land Razor Clams on a regular basis during March – October. They dive from the beautiful beaches of the Western Isles – as shown below – renowned for the clear waters and white sand which gives the Razor Clams a grade A classification.

The scientific name for this product is Ensis Siliqua and they are a minimum of 8″ in length.

This type of shellfish is particularly popular with people in the Far East and large tonnages are shipped live to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore on daily flights throughout the harvesting season.

They are packed in 1 kg bundles with elastic bands placed 1″ from each end and placed on top of frozen gel packs inside a 25 kg polystyrene airfreight box. There is also a seperate shelf inserted to enable excess water to drain away from the product to achieve complete freshness upon arrival. Once the shells have been packed another layer of gel packs is inserted to ensure the temperature of the shellfish is kept cool throughout transit. Boxes are then completely sealed so that no heat can enter.

The shipment is then transported by Macaskill’s Transport chilled lorries to Frigecosse Distribution Centre in Glasgow. Transglobal, the airfreight cargo handling Company then uplift the shipment and arrange the flights for onward transmission to the final destination in the Far East.

The main fish markets in the UK also have an interest in Razor Clams and with the number of Chinese customers increasing this market is steadily growing in size.