Real estate on the Polish sea is increasingly reaching the hands of the people of Ukraine and Western Europe. It is estimated that even 40 percent. Real estate goes to foreigners.

Residents of other countries buy mainly apartments in Poland. Specialists say this trend is not over yet and this market segment will continue to grow. It is anticipated that more apartments will be bought by Germans, Austrians, Swiss, and French.

Data from last year indicate that 6,400. The housing has gone to foreigners, the largest group of which are Ukrainians, followed by Germany and the British. All indications are that the trend will be upward, as many Ukrainians are given a permanent residence permit in Poland and they decide to live in big cities where they are more likely to find a job. According to statistics, Ukrainians will soon buy every fifth apartment in Poland.

The CSO data show that 79,000 people were built in Poland last year. Housing, of which 7% They bought foreigners. According to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, this is about 24%. More than last year. Apart from flats in big cities, holiday destinations are also popular on the Polish seaside. They are particularly popular among the British, Germans and Scandinavians who come to Poland primarily because of the good and very favorable relationship between costs and revenue. There is also a positive geopolitical situation because the arrival of the Vistula is recommended as safe by most foreign ministries of the European Union.

Interestingly, Ukrainians are buying apartments in Poland, whose price starts at 10 thousand. Zł per square meter of surface to finish. However, the prices of apartments bought by the eastern neighbors can reach as much as 30,000. Zloty per meter of finished apartment. Many of these purchased and finished flats will, however, return to the secondary market again.

According to the analysis of the real estate market, the trend of foreigners buying houses will continue because of the wealth of Western Europeans who often buy flats for rent.

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