We are dealing with a drastic drop in the number of nurses from the European Union applying for a job in the UK. A whopping 96 percent decline in the number of nurses from the EU application in the UK compared with the previous year.

During the first quarter of this year, only 46 nurses from the European Union submitted applications for jobs in the UK. It is a 96-percent decrease in comparison with last year when employment in the UK trying to up 1,300 nurses.

Currently, the NHS is to work up to 57,000 immigrants from the European Union, including 20,000 nurses.In September last year – three months after the referendum on Brexitu, the number of applications fell to 344, while in the first quarter of this year trying to work only 46 nurses.

British health service, which is a long time in a serious crisis, among others, by a lack of skilled workers is not able to cope with this problem without the recruitment of specialists outside the UK. After the referendum on Brexitu dropped the number of applications among skilled health workers from the EU and there is no doubt that the responsibility for this is the current policy of the British government, which throughout the year there took care of giving any assurance on preserving their rights to immigrants from the European Union after Brexicie.

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