Becky G: From Power Ranger to Queen of Latin Music

The singer of the famous ‘Mayores’ has several very curious points in his short but intense career. Find out all the secrets of the fashion artist.

Surely you’ve heard of Becky G. and her success ‘Seniors’. 20-year-old girl who has become the queen of Latin music, thanks to her Mexican roots. Well, despite her young age, Rebbeca Marie Gómez, that’s what she’s called, already has a long journey. Without going any further, few people know that he started as yellow Power Ranger. We tell you more secrets about his life.

“I like older ones” … surely you’ve danced a lot of times this song. True? Even when he visited Operación Triunfo he suffered censorship . Well, her singer is a young girl born in California but with Mexican roots that have caused her to become the queen of Latin music. However, despite his youth, we speak of an artist who already has a broad curriculum, although in it, details as curious as that gave life in the cinema to the yellow Power Ranger , specifically Trini .

Before starting a solo career, Becky had been a part, since 2009, of the girl group called GLAM, in the video you can check that the stage was already his thing. From 2011 began to appear in a series of videos through YouTube, consisting of remixes of hip-hop and pop songs.

In 2013, he released his own version of Jenny from the Block, by Jennifer Lopez, entitled Becky from the Block. In May Gomez released a new song for digital download, Play It Again. In 2016 he presented “Sola”, his first single from the singer in Spanish and on October 6 of the same year he premiered “Mangú”, the second single in Spanish. Then he has petado with “I like them bigger, they do not fit in my mouth the kisses they want to give me”. A theme that has rivaled last summer with the very Dispacito of Luis Fonsi.

Becky G: Curiosities of her life

She is the daughter of Alejandra and Francisco “Frank” Gómez. His four grandparents are from Jalisco, Mexico, while his parents and most of his family were born in the United States. He has two brothers and a younger sister. He grew up in poverty in Moreno Valley and when he was nine years old his family lost his home and moved to the converted garage of his grandparents’ house due to financial problems. He started working part-time to help support his family, making commercials and voice-over work.