The pound goes down! Investors worried about the weak result of the Conservative Party

Investors reacted strongly to the preliminary results of early parliamentary elections in the UK. Win the Conservative Party, which constitutes a de facto ignominious defeat Theresa May, he made the pound sterling lost this morning against all major currencies. 

The poll exit poll prepared for the BBC, ITV and Sky News that the Conservative Party lost the majority needed to govern the country independently. At the moment grouping Theresa May will get 317 seats, the party Jeremy Corbyn – 261 seats, Scottish National Party Nicoli Sturgeon – 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron – 12 seats, Democratic Unionist Peter Robinson – 10 seats, and the other small parties – 13 seats.

Is the 2017 election will be Brexit DELAYED?

The reaction of investors to the results of the elections is not surprising – the Conservative Party, but won the election, he lost the majority needed to govern freely and to carry out decisive Brexit. Now the government Theresa May (unless you give it to resign), will have slightly soften its approach to the so-called. Brexit hard and be prepared for greater concessions to the European Union (due to yellow card received from the public).

This morning the pound depreciated significantly against all major currencies, including the 0.17 percent. against the Euro (GBP / EUR -1.13514), and 0.13 percent. against the US dollar (EUR / USD -1.11879). As far as the Polish zloty, it strengthened it against the pound sterling by as much as 0.19 percent. (GBP / PLN – 4.76525)!

We leave the hypocrisy Theresa May: I personally benefit from immigrant labor, which wants to get rid of!

In the coming weeks, we should expect further declines in the pound, as the political situation in the UK does not inspire optimism of investors. The more that is not known whether due to the complicated situation in the parliament on June 19 will actually start to negotiations on.