Should your hire an interior designer to redesign your home?

What Can An Interior Designer Change in Your Home – Pros & Cons

Want a home interior that resembles a celebrity home or magazine spread? Don’t we all! And most of us have considered hiring an interior designer at some point in order to achieve that perfect look. But what are the pros and cons of such an investment? Let’s take a closer look.

The cons of hiring an interior designer

The relationship

The success of your relationship with any designer rests heavily on your chemistry. If you have a great affinity, your communication will flow, your ideas will converge and your home will look incredible as a result of your wonderful rapport. Fail to have that chemistry, however, and you may well be disappointed with the results. This isn’t a downside of hiring an interior designer in general – but it does mean that you have to be careful before selecting a professional to revamp your home. Spend time getting to know a potential interior designer before you commit to a programme of work – and check that your rapport works both ways. Many designers will also only work with clients that they are comfortable with.

The cost

It’s an obvious one, but hiring a professional to design your home interior will cost you money. A DIY job will certainly shave money off your budget – but bear in mind that the cost equation isn’t always as black and white as it seems on the face of things. Interior designers have lots of industry contacts and knowledge about where they can find the best prices for quality pieces – meaning that they can often save you money on the furniture and decorative items that will go into your new scheme. Some clients even commission a full interior fit-out down to every small detail – from linens and bath towels, through to cutlery and salt shakers!

Lack of control

Some DIY enthusiasts naturally love to stay in control of their home’s evolution, carrying out work over time, finding new furniture as they shop for pleasure, and generally taking great enjoyment in pursuing their home’s perfection as an ongoing project and labour of love. If this is you, then you may well find that outsourcing the work to a professional simply denies you that enjoyment! Yes, the results might be more professional and aesthetically stylish, but you may have found that you’ve lost your personal touch and vision by plumping for style at all costs.

The pros of hiring an interior designer

The pros of hiring an interior designer

The expertise

A professional designer has expertise in every area of creating that perfect interior. They understand which materials work to create texture, which layouts optimise daily use, how suppliers should be handled, how atmosphere can be created, which lighting is best for each part of the house and how colours create mood and feel. Without that degree of knowledge, experience and skill – which is gained through intensive training and professional development – you will be unlikely to ever recreate that same effect yourself. Even the most enthusiastic amateur is likely to overlook key aspects of interior design.

The vision

All too often we know that we want a beautiful new interior, but have little idea of how to achieve it within the boundaries of our own home and family life. A designer can create that stunning vision that will transform your home and create something that is perfect for you. Of course, it may not be the same as doing it yourself, but the more you can get to know your designer and share what you love, whether that’s sweeping glamour, cool minimalism or family-friendly cosiness, the better they can translate your wishes into a reality.


If you know that you want a beautiful interior and you have a clear idea of what you want to see, an interior designer can deliver it for you quickly – using expertise and professional contacts to source the right materials and products and to project manage everything to perfection. Try to do it yourself and you could rapidly feel stressed and overwhelmed, losing your love for the transformation in the process.


An interior designer has the know-how to get the best service from other tradespeople. Whether a new kitchen is being installed, a custom furniture piece commissioned, a floor laid or a bathroom reconfigured, you will have trust in the designer as your project manager and no longer need to worry whether or not you are being taken for a ride by tradespeople! Additionally, designers work with a trusted network of providers who they will know, rate and liaise with directly for you. This gives you peace of mind for the longer term.

Cost and budget

Although you will have the outlay of the designer to pay for, you may actually find that you save money by using a designer to source materials cost-effectively and then to manage the project to time and budget. They will be able to advise where you need to splurge – and more importantly – where you can save without compromising the quality, visual impact and functionality of your new home.

Preparation for a home sale

Many clients use the services of an interior designer when they are looking to sell a property and want to present, remodel and stage it to attract maximum interest from buyers. A designer will know exactly which features and changes should be carried out to suit your target market – anticipating trends and needs of those potential buyers – and also know where your money should be spent, or not. This is vital, as many homeowners inadvertently spend money on renovations which don’t actually recoup their cost.

The wow factor

When you walk into a home that has been professionally designed, you just know it. From the light and the flow of the space to the colour schemes, furniture choices and that indefinable sense of atmosphere, the quality result is clear. An interior designer will show you how to maintain your space and share tricks and tips for keeping it beautiful and engaging, and many clients also choose to work with their designers on a recurring basis over the years, allowing their aesthetic vision and tastes to evolve as they see first-hand the true power of a well designed, beautifully conceived and artistically crafted space.

In short, if you love your interiors, you may find that investment in a professional design service is one of the best that you will make for your home.

Author: Parrot Print Canvas