Becky G: From Power Ranger to Queen of Latin Music

The singer of the famous ‘Mayores’ has several very curious points in his short but intense career. Find out all the secrets of the fashion artist.

Surely you’ve heard of Becky G. and her success ‘Seniors’. 20-year-old girl who has become the queen of Latin music, thanks to her Mexican roots. Well, despite her young age, Rebbeca Marie Gómez, that’s what she’s called, already has a long journey. Without going any further, few people know that he started as yellow Power Ranger. We tell you more secrets about his life.

“I like older ones” … surely you’ve danced a lot of times this song. True? Even when he visited Operación Triunfo he suffered censorship . Well, her singer is a young girl born in California but with Mexican roots that have caused her to become the queen of Latin music. However, despite his youth, we speak of an artist who already has a broad curriculum, although in it, details as curious as that gave life in the cinema to the yellow Power Ranger , specifically Trini .

Before starting a solo career, Becky had been a part, since 2009, of the girl group called GLAM, in the video you can check that the stage was already his thing. From 2011 began to appear in a series of videos through YouTube, consisting of remixes of hip-hop and pop songs.

In 2013, he released his own version of Jenny from the Block, by Jennifer Lopez, entitled Becky from the Block. In May Gomez released a new song for digital download, Play It Again. In 2016 he presented “Sola”, his first single from the singer in Spanish and on October 6 of the same year he premiered “Mangú”, the second single in Spanish. Then he has petado with “I like them bigger, they do not fit in my mouth the kisses they want to give me”. A theme that has rivaled last summer with the very Dispacito of Luis Fonsi.

Becky G: Curiosities of her life

She is the daughter of Alejandra and Francisco “Frank” Gómez. His four grandparents are from Jalisco, Mexico, while his parents and most of his family were born in the United States. He has two brothers and a younger sister. He grew up in poverty in Moreno Valley and when he was nine years old his family lost his home and moved to the converted garage of his grandparents’ house due to financial problems. He started working part-time to help support his family, making commercials and voice-over work.


When does Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday fall out in 2017? What should you consider buying?

This year, the black-market sale of Black Friday falls on November 24, traditionally on Friday after the American Thanksgiving. The marketers are already getting “amazing promotions” and “big discounts”, and we advise on what to consider in this consumer madness so as not to end up with an empty wallet and a heap of unnecessary things bought at a “promotional” price.

Is “Black Friday”which falls on November 24 , and the following Monday, November 27, “Cyber ​​Monday” about online shops is a good day to make big purchases? Marketers and sales professionals want to convince us that this is the reason for this media noise, colorful banners with percentages, battles for big TVs and designer handbags in the news, and a sense of consumerism. But how is it in reality? Is 24 and 27 November profitable to go deeper into the pockets?

So what to look out for while planning your shopping for “Black Friday” and “Cyber ​​Monday”? First, do not be fooled by the “magic” that day. It is often the case that we are tempted by the height of the discount we do not even consider whether a given purchase makes any sense. Would not discount a percentage of that blended smoothie would have us even if we did not drink a smoothie? Before any purchase you should ask yourself if we would buy a given product, if not a discount or a discount. If the answer to this question is “yes”, then it is worthwhile to put money on the counter.

It is also important to check that the price is indeed a discount. The normal practice of shopping is to short-term raise prices to lower them later. “Which?” In the year 2015, he analyzed the prices of 178 products that had been discounted as part of the Black Friday sale. It turned out that as much as 49 percent. Articles were cheaper at some time before or after the “Black Friday”, and real discounts this day only concerned … 8 percent. Products! Let’s not be fooled.

What’s more, purchased in consumer amusement can not usually be returned. In addition, they often have some damage or hidden defects. Sellers know perfectly well that customers who pull them off their hands will not pay attention to them, and evident conscience will only appear at home when the “fever” is already falling. And then it may be too late …

In conclusion, the “Black Friday” or “Cyber ​​Monday” can buy something at an extremely attractive price, but you have to be very careful and reasonable. Keep track of prices of our products in popular price comparisons available on the internet. These sites have a history of the price of thousands of articles, so you can easily see if Black Friday discounts are real or just a marketing tick.


Home Office issued a statement on the status of immigrants from the EU to Brexita! Applications will not be rejected due to minor shortcomings

The Home Office issued a formal statement on the status of EU immigrants after Brexita and a two-year transitional period. The status of an immigrant can be applied within 2 years of the UK leaving the EU, and the applications are not to be rejected for minor mistakes or inaccuracies. 

Home Office issued a statement on the status of immigrants from the EU to Brexita!  Applications will not be rejected due to minor shortcomings

“Today, the government has provided further details on how the new immigration system works for the citizens of the European Union and their families after leaving the United Kingdom.” In a technical document sent to the European Commission in the negotiations, the government reiterated that the new system would be streamlined and cheap. for the user, and that it will be consulted in the course of its creation with the citizens of the Union.

Citizens of the European Union applying for a residence permit in the United Kingdom after Brexita will have plenty of time, as much as two years after leaving the community, to become a resident. Applications from individuals seeking to remain in the Brexite Islands will not be rejected due to minor technical details, and officials seeking applications will, where appropriate, act with complete discretion. The new system will minimize the number of documents required and no fingerprints will be collected from EU citizens as part of the application process.

Decisions will only be made on the basis of the criteria set forth in the Exit Arrangement, and no decisions on refusal will be covered by confidentiality. In the case of rejected applications, citizens of the Union will have a statutory right to appeal in accordance with their current rights under the Freedom of Movement Act.

The Prime Minister made clear that protecting the rights of EU citizens living in the United Kingdom and British nationals living in Europe is a top priority in the negotiations, and last month the Prime Minister stated that the agreement was at hand.

Negotiations between the UK and the European Union are ongoing and next talks will take place this week on 9 and 10 November. We will keep you updated on progress.

Home Office “


Pope calls for peace in Holy Land in meeting with Greek Orthodox patriarch

Pope Benedict on Monday called for a multiplicity of efforts to achieve a “stable peace” and allow coexistence in the Holy Land during his audience with Greek Orthodox Patriarch Teofilo III.


“This meeting offers me the opportunity to once again convey my closeness to all those who suffer from the conflicts that have plagued the Holy Land for decades,” the Pontiff said before the patriarch and his entourage, who will remain in Rome until Wednesday.

Francisco stressed that “the uncertainty of the situation and incomprehension between the parties continue to cause insecurity, limitation of fundamental rights and abandonment of the land itself for many.”

“That is why I invoke the help of God and I ask all the people involved to multiply their efforts so that the conditions for a stable peace based on justice and the recognition of the rights of all can be given,” he added.

For this, the pope said, “we must firmly reject the use of any type of violence, discrimination and intolerance for people or places of Jewish, Christian or Muslim worship.”

“The Holy City, whose status quo should be defended and preserved, should be a place where all can live peacefully, otherwise the spiral of suffering will continue for all,” he argued.

In this regard, he especially addressed the situation of the Christian community so that “it is always recognized as an integral part of society” and that, as citizens, “they never tire of their own contribution to peace”.

On the other hand, Francis expressed his desire to progress “on the path of full unity” between the Catholic Church and the Greco-Orthodox, separated since the “Great Schism” of the eleventh century.

“I am well aware that some of the wounds of the past continue to leave a mark on the memory of many. We can not change the history, but without forgetting the serious lack of charity for centuries, let us turn side by side to a future of full reconciliation and fraternal communion “the Pope concluded.


Trump accuses Amazon of harming companies across the US

US President Donald Trump has accused the e-commerce giant Amazon of harming retailers across the country and causing job losses in many US cities and states.

Image result for Trump accuses Amazon of harming companies across the US

“Amazon is doing huge damage to tax-paying retailers. Cities and states across the US are being affected – too many jobs being lost!” Trump wrote in his Twitter account.

This is not the first time that the American president has attacked Amazon, since in June he accused the company of “not paying taxes” for its internet sales.

Trump has already been irritated by the coverage of his government on The Washington Post owned by Amazon president Jeff Bezos and his tweets critical of the paper often include the name of the e-commerce company.

“#AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes cited as the guardian for Amazon not to pay internet taxes (as it should) only gives FALSE NEWS!” Wrote Trump at the end of June.

Image result for Trump accuses Amazon of harming companies across the US

On April 1, Amazon began to collect state taxes on its directly sold products, with the exception of five states that do not charge fees for the sale of goods: Alaska, Oregon, Montana, Delaware, and New Hampshire.

Still, Amazon’s new policy does not necessarily apply to independent sellers who market goods through the digital platform, which gives them an advantage over physical-based retailers.

Several states are pushing Amazon and eBay to force independent sellers who use their platforms to raise state taxes or detail their sales.


There will be third season of Stranger Things!

After the first trailer of the second season of Stranger Things appeared last year , now the creators of the famous Netflix series, Matt and Ross Duffer , have announced that there will still be more ST … but not for long.

In an interview with Vulture , the brothers confirmed that in effect, there will be a third season, peeero who also  are planning to launch a fourth season and with it to put an end to the series.” 

The argument they gave, is that by the time the fourth season is launched, the children we now find adorable will be ready to go to college, that is why they will “adjust history.” However, Ross explained in the interview: ” I do not know if we can continue to justify bad things happen to us once a year. They will have to leave that town! It’s ridiculous”.

In addition to the above, there is the fact that the Duffer brothers have a couple of projects aside from Stranger Things . According to them, “they are very bad being multitasking “, or doing several jobs at a time.

“We’ve talked to people like Joe Russo (of the Russo brothers), who knows how to dominate the world while making the best movie of all time, we speak of Avengers: Infinity War. That made me feel really bad about myself , “Matt said.

Ross added:  And then the fans tell us online: ‘Why are they taking so long ?!’, but there are so many details of Stranger Things that have to be made by hand. We’re a bit of a driver. ”

“I think the main objective now is to focus on a higher genre with a focus on the characters. And no more children on bicycles ” , concluded Matt.

While Matt and Ross have already let their point out, fans may not allow the show to end. Just remember what happened recently with Sense8 , that after announcing the cancellation of the show, its creator,  Lana Wachoski, was convinced by the fans to write a third season , of which it is not yet known if it will see the light, At least on Netflix.

The second season of Stranger Things will premiere next October 27. Then we leave the trailer that was released during the Comic-Con.


Five FREE things to do in London this week

The Anatomy of Beer

Image result for The Anatomy of Beer

Brooklyn Brewery is celebrating the launch of its mysteriously named new brew, Cloaking Device, with a night of free beer and food. Sounds great, right? But if you’re squeamish, be warned: they’ll be grilling up offal, served on a (fake) corpse. Y’know, like that game Operation, except with food and without that annoying buzzer. Sessions are at 6pm and 8pm – get down there early to make sure you nab a freebie. The Axe. Stoke Newington Overground. Thu Aug 10.

The Odyssey

Image result for The Odyssey in london

The Scoop’s free theatre season is back – and this time they’re tackling  Homer’s epic work ‘The Odyssey’. Split into three hour-long parts, the first is aimed at families, before the more serious sword ’n’ sandals action kicks off in parts two and three. The Scoop. Tube: London Bridge. Wed Aug 9-Sep 3.

‘Save the Last Dance’

Forget ‘Step Up’ and its many, many sequels – any fule kno that ‘Save the Last Dance’ was the best noughties dance movie. Watch Julia Stiles strut her stuff as a ballet dancer-turned-street dancer at this free screening. Merchant Square. Tube: Paddington. Thu Aug 10.

Cubitt Sessions

Image result for Cubitt Sessions in london

Catch loads of free performances at multi-arts outdoor festival the Cubitt Sessions. Expect opera, cabaret and acappella, as well as a circus show from PanGottic, which involves a giant ball-slinging contraption. Lewis Cubitt Square. Tube: King’s Cross. Until Sun Aug 13.

Violet Nights: Woke Twitter IRL

‘Woke’ is officially in the Oxford Dictionary (for the benefit of the non-woke, it’s defined as ‘alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice’). With that in mind, this talk looks at  the way online communities can impact social change. Southbank Centre. 


More and more real estate in Poland gets into the hands of foreigners!

Real estate on the Polish sea is increasingly reaching the hands of the people of Ukraine and Western Europe. It is estimated that even 40 percent. Real estate goes to foreigners.

Residents of other countries buy mainly apartments in Poland. Specialists say this trend is not over yet and this market segment will continue to grow. It is anticipated that more apartments will be bought by Germans, Austrians, Swiss, and French.

Data from last year indicate that 6,400. The housing has gone to foreigners, the largest group of which are Ukrainians, followed by Germany and the British. All indications are that the trend will be upward, as many Ukrainians are given a permanent residence permit in Poland and they decide to live in big cities where they are more likely to find a job. According to statistics, Ukrainians will soon buy every fifth apartment in Poland.

The CSO data show that 79,000 people were built in Poland last year. Housing, of which 7% They bought foreigners. According to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, this is about 24%. More than last year. Apart from flats in big cities, holiday destinations are also popular on the Polish seaside. They are particularly popular among the British, Germans and Scandinavians who come to Poland primarily because of the good and very favorable relationship between costs and revenue. There is also a positive geopolitical situation because the arrival of the Vistula is recommended as safe by most foreign ministries of the European Union.

Interestingly, Ukrainians are buying apartments in Poland, whose price starts at 10 thousand. Zł per square meter of surface to finish. However, the prices of apartments bought by the eastern neighbors can reach as much as 30,000. Zloty per meter of finished apartment. Many of these purchased and finished flats will, however, return to the secondary market again.

According to the analysis of the real estate market, the trend of foreigners buying houses will continue because of the wealth of Western Europeans who often buy flats for rent.


Drastically decreased the number of nurses from the EU applying for a job in the UK

We are dealing with a drastic drop in the number of nurses from the European Union applying for a job in the UK. A whopping 96 percent decline in the number of nurses from the EU application in the UK compared with the previous year.

During the first quarter of this year, only 46 nurses from the European Union submitted applications for jobs in the UK. It is a 96-percent decrease in comparison with last year when employment in the UK trying to up 1,300 nurses.

Currently, the NHS is to work up to 57,000 immigrants from the European Union, including 20,000 nurses.In September last year – three months after the referendum on Brexitu, the number of applications fell to 344, while in the first quarter of this year trying to work only 46 nurses.

British health service, which is a long time in a serious crisis, among others, by a lack of skilled workers is not able to cope with this problem without the recruitment of specialists outside the UK. After the referendum on Brexitu dropped the number of applications among skilled health workers from the EU and there is no doubt that the responsibility for this is the current policy of the British government, which throughout the year there took care of giving any assurance on preserving their rights to immigrants from the European Union after Brexicie.


The pound goes down! Investors worried about the weak result of the Conservative Party

Investors reacted strongly to the preliminary results of early parliamentary elections in the UK. Win the Conservative Party, which constitutes a de facto ignominious defeat Theresa May, he made the pound sterling lost this morning against all major currencies. 

The poll exit poll prepared for the BBC, ITV and Sky News that the Conservative Party lost the majority needed to govern the country independently. At the moment grouping Theresa May will get 317 seats, the party Jeremy Corbyn – 261 seats, Scottish National Party Nicoli Sturgeon – 35 seats, the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron – 12 seats, Democratic Unionist Peter Robinson – 10 seats, and the other small parties – 13 seats.

Is the 2017 election will be Brexit DELAYED?

The reaction of investors to the results of the elections is not surprising – the Conservative Party, but won the election, he lost the majority needed to govern freely and to carry out decisive Brexit. Now the government Theresa May (unless you give it to resign), will have slightly soften its approach to the so-called. Brexit hard and be prepared for greater concessions to the European Union (due to yellow card received from the public).

This morning the pound depreciated significantly against all major currencies, including the 0.17 percent. against the Euro (GBP / EUR -1.13514), and 0.13 percent. against the US dollar (EUR / USD -1.11879). As far as the Polish zloty, it strengthened it against the pound sterling by as much as 0.19 percent. (GBP / PLN – 4.76525)!

We leave the hypocrisy Theresa May: I personally benefit from immigrant labor, which wants to get rid of!

In the coming weeks, we should expect further declines in the pound, as the political situation in the UK does not inspire optimism of investors. The more that is not known whether due to the complicated situation in the parliament on June 19 will actually start to negotiations on.